Our Style of Working

We like to treat our customers as friends and really do what we can to make you happy. We take our work seriously, but believe in enjoying the working relationship. We’re small enough that we can accommodate the majority of our clients’ needs. For example, if our estimate is not within your expectations; tell us!!¬† Accommodations can be made for long term working relationships and sometimes, just for good karma (speaking of which, we’re always looking to work with non-profits so please let us know if that’s you or an organization you’re aware of).

What We Ask of Our Clients

The initial module usually takes the longest and the most back and forth as we learn your preferences and create a template for the succeeding modules. If something is not right, don’t worry about hurting our feelings. It’s your success and satisfaction that matters most so please share what’s on your mind (even if you’re just having a bad day and want to tell someone about it).

We Are Your Team

Think of us as a true extension of your company, because that is what the simpLEARN solutions team strives to be for all of our clients.

Please feel free to reach out to me directly via any contact method below or email us at: team@simplearnsolutions.com


Tim Chansy
Client Advocate
simpLEARN solutions